Roland G-70 Music Workstation

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Roland G-70 Music Workstation

With over 20 new features and 10 new Music Styles (plus 10 Music Assistant registrations), the G-70 Music Workstation once again sets a new standard! Version 2 expands keyboard players' horizons thanks to innovative new features like the introduction of the Guitar Mode, the possibility to assign any Tone or Drum sets of an Expansion Board to Song and Style Tracks, the Style Converter and many other improvements. The original G-70 can be updated to Version 2 via download or you can ask your Roland Service Center to update your G-70 for you!

* Guitar Mode
* Expansion Sounds in Styles and Songs
* Style Converter
* Piano Roll editing in 16-Track Sequencer and User Style Composer modes for a clearer idea of which track plays what.
* Customization of the Melody Intelligent Tone: the Tone the Melody Intelligence function adds to the chosen harmonization can now be freely selected.
* First-class sounds and backing styles
* Professional 16-track sequencer
* Vocal Harmonist
* Organ drawbar sliders
* Color LCD touchscreen

Roland hits a milestone with the introduction of the G-70, an unparalleled music workstation that incorporates technologies from across the entire Roland product range. The G-70's sound engine uses the largest internal wave ROM in Roland keyboard history, featuring the best sounds from the Roland library. The G-70's arranger section includes 285 completely new styles with new intelligent chord voicing technology, each with four variations, four intros, four endings, and six fill-ins. For performers and songwriters, the G-70 represents the crown jewel of professional arranger workstations.

Maximum Sound Quality
The G-70 is equipped with Roland's most powerful sound engine ever. With a lightening-fast processor, stellar soundset, 128-voice polyphony, and six realtime performance parts, the G-70 takes sound and performance to new levels of realism. The G-70 uses the largest internal wave ROM in Roland keyboard history — 192 MB — and brings together the most coveted collection of instruments for songwriters and performers. It also boasts one of the latest and most expressive pianos from Roland, derived from the famous Fantom-X series. The G-70's soundset can be further expanded via Roland's SRX library.

Authentic, Expressive Feel
The keyboard on the G-70 features a superb weighted professional action with aftertouch, which has a longer stroke and a more natural, responsive feel. Whether you've selected a grand piano, classical guitar, or an accordion sound, you'll be delighted with the nuance and sensitivity that can be coaxed from this keyboard. Organ players can also tap into the expressive power of the G-70 thanks to its authentic Virtual ToneWheel technology ported from Roland's popular VK organ range. Nine front-panel sliders correspond to the 3D animated Virtual Harmonic Bars on the G-70's full-color LCD, providing the feel and response of a real harmonic-bar organ.

Power Arranger
From jazz and pop ensembles to full-scale classical orchestrations, the G-70 puts a concert's worth of sound under your fingertips. The built-in arranger section includes 285 completely new styles that exploit the full potential of the powerful sound engine. Many of these styles have been recorded using live studio musicians to create top-quality professional backings. The G-70 also includes the Cover and Makeup Tools from the DisCover™ series, allowing you to customize instantly any part of your style or song. For added realism, the innovative "Adaptive Chord Voicing" (ACV) Technology enables each accompaniment instrument to play smooth, musically pleasing lines, instead of jumping to awkward intervals each time the chord is changed.

Expand Your Performance
The G-70 offers a powerful lineup of vocal assistant features, including the Vocal Harmonist, with over 90 settings and effects such as Auto Pitch Correct and Vocoder. There are seven independent effects blocks on the G-70, including dedicated sections for the Harmonic Bars, Harmonist, and the External Audio Input. Mastering tools are included for creating polished, professional mixes. Moreover the G-70's full-color LCD provides easy navigation for performance, and can display 4-stave music scores, chord charts, and lyrics. Chord and lyric data even be viewed on an external TV screen using the video output.

Do It Yourself or Seek Help
The G-70 lets you get personal with your sounds and compositions. Its full 16-track sequencer and internal style composer can be edited in precise detail using the Microscope edit functions, and every sound can be sculpted and saved to your specification. But for those who appreciate technological assistance, the G-70 is loaded with features such as the Music Assistant database, which automatically selects musically correct sounds, styles, tempos, and effects for the hundreds of music titles. The Quick Search and Finder features help expedite the process of finding specific songs, sounds, and styles.

File Exchange & Storage
For fast and easy file exchange, data backup, and MIDI transfer to PC, a USB connector is provided. The G-70 also provides a large 50MB internal memory (Solid State Disk), a floppy disk drive, and a memory card slot that supports many current devices, such as Smart Media and Compact Flash.