Yamaha YPT-310 Entry-level Portable Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YPT-310 Entry-level Portable Digital Keyboard

YPT-310 Features:

* 61 Full Size Keys
* 32 Notes of Polyphony
* Portable Grand with the realism of a Stereo Grand Piano
* Style File Format (SFF) allows you to download style data from the internet
* Yamaha Education Suite™ (Y.E.S) with a 9 Step Piano Lesson Suite
* 2-Track Sequencer and Flash ROM Store Your Music
* Stereo Speakers with Bass Ports
* Headphone Jack for Private (Headphones are Optional)
* 482 Instrument Voices including: 108 Standard, 361 XGLite Voices, 12 Drum Kits and a Sound Effect Kit
* Music Database™ allows any player to sound like a pro in over 200 styles of music

Expressive Touch Like a Piano
If you're buying a keyboard having piano in mind, you'll want Yamaha's Touch Response feature. On an acoustic piano, striking a key harder will produce a louder sound, striking it softer will produce a softer sound. With Yamaha's "Touch Response" the YPT-310 keyboard responds like an acoustic piano.

Backlit LCD Screen
Since you spend a lot of the time at your keyboard looking at the LCD display screen, you might as well get one that's easy to see – like the backlit LCD in the YPT-310!

Portable Grand: One Press to an Amazing Stereo Grand Voice
You're never more than a button push away from the most realistic piano sound in portable keyboards today. One press of the Portable Grand button resets the entire keyboard to a stereo-sampled piano – perfect for when it's time to practice. Yamaha is known around the world for the quality of our acoustic pianos and this attention to detail is evident as you enjoy the warmth and clarity of the YPT-310 Portable Grand piano. And of course, the keyboard includes a Sustain Pedal jack on the back for practicing and playing piano pieces.

Yamaha Education Suite™ (Y.E.S.): Learn How To Play Now!
The YPT-310 has 102 built-in songs for you to learn to play, using the Yamaha Education Suite. The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary.

Three keyboard lessons for each hand:

* Lesson One – LISTEN & LEARN the melody or rhythm of a selected song
* Lesson Two – TIMING mode allows you to play the melody or chord by pressing any key using the correct timing
* Lesson Three: WAITING mode stops the playback of a song until you find the correct note and then continues
* Lesson Grading – monitors your progress as you practice each lessons two and three and gives you a grade.
* Chord Dictionary – shows you how to play chords and tells you which chords you are playing by displaying the notes and chord name on the LCD screen.

Sound Effect Kit: Have Some Fun!
If your kid doesn't think playing keyboard is cool, wait 'til he hears this keyboard! Get the world of Hip Hop and all the hottest sound effects in your Yamaha keyboard. Push the Sound Effect button, hold down a key with your right hand, and you're groovin'!

Sound Quality: Real Stereo with Bass Ports (Not Just 2 Speakers)
Some keyboards have two speakers but aren't stereo. Don't be fooled. Just because a keyboard has two speakers doesn't mean that it's truly stereo with two separate amplifiers. All Yamaha Portable Keyboards feature stereo-sampling technology.

* Bass Ports – Port on each speaker that adds a powerful impact to bass sound reproduction
* Stereo (Not just 2 Speakers) – We all know that stereo sound adds realistic character and spatial depth. But how can you tell if the portable keyboard you're looking to purchase is stereo or not? With Yamaha, the answer is simple. All Yamaha Portable Keyboards are true stereo.

32 Note Polyphony and 16 Part Multi Timbrel
In electronic keyboards, the more sounds made at the same time – polyphony – the more memory is needed. Obviously, more is always better, because too little polyphony can cause dropouts in dense passages of music. Some keyboards at this price point have only 12-note polyphony. The YPT-310 has 32 notes of polyphony and will play back 16 different parts or sounds at once (16-part multi timbrel); enough for the most demanding needs.

106 Accompaniment styles and the One Touch Setting
The YPT-310 comes with 106 built-in styles, waiting for you to play along with. It's just like having a built-in band. Call up your favorite style of music like Rock, Big Band or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the YPT-310 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. And to make it easy and fun, when you select one of the styles, the One Touch Setting function will automatically configure keyboard parameters, such as voice selection and digital effects, to match that selected music style. In addition, you can transfer new Styles into the Flash ROM in the keyboard.
Great Voices

482 General MIDI (GM) and XGLite Voices
The YPT-310 has a large selection of professional sounding voices called XGlite. Only Yamaha's best keyboards have the capacity to support and reproduce Yamaha's XGlite voices. The result is amazing sound quality and almost 500 voices for you to choose from, offering even greater compatibility with both 3rd party and Yamaha XG software.

Computer Connectivity and Flash ROM
The YPT-310 comes with 102 built-in songs and an interactive lesson system, divided into left and right hand parts, for learning them. In addition, you have the ability to connect to a computer, download more songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM, and use all of the Yamaha Education Suite V5 features to help you learn to play them. Yamaha makes it easy to get connected with the new PC button. Now, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on the web and your computer. You can connect to the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) port on the back with an optional USB-MIDI Interface like the Yamaha UX16. Once connected, you can play your songs into the computer, edit them if necessary, and e-mail them to your friends and family. And with General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatibility, song data always plays back with the correct sounds.

9 Digital Reverb Plus 4 Chorus Effects
Yamaha has long been a world leader in digital signal processing technology. In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world. The YPT-310 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular.