Yamaha YPP55 Classic Home Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha YPP55 Classic Home Piano

76 keys with adjustable touch sensitivity

More than a piano - 8 voices include: Piano 1, Piano 2, E. Piano, Harpsichord, Vibes, Strings, Choir, Pipe Organ

Reverb and ensemble effects. Built-in reverb allows you to sound like you're in a large concert hall.

Built-In Sequencer
The built-in sequencer allows recording and playback of up to 4 of your original songs in the same or different voice.

Transpose and pitch control
The Transposition control allows playing of music in several different keys without changing the notes you play.

Sustain pedal included

MIDI Compatible
MIDI equipped with MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT jacks; can be used with another keyboard, sound module, drum machine or sequencer or computer

32 Note polyphony

Headphone jacks
Worried about annoying the neighbors? No problem. Just plug a set of headphones in and play away. Two headphone jacks enable student and teacher to listen together in privacy.

Perfect pitch, maintenance-free
The YPP-55 never goes out of tune. No matter what the temperature or humidity, the YPP-55 always stays in tune.

Built in metronome
Press the Metronome button once to start, and a second time to stop.

Built-in digital performance memory
Functions like a tape recorder.