D-Link DEM-411S 48Gbps Stacking Kit

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DEM-411S 48Gbps Stacking Kit

The DEM-411S is a stacking kit for the xStack 3200 series switch. It includes 2 1-port full-duplex 10 Gigabit CX-4 Modules (DEM-411T) for the xStack DXS/DWS-3250, DXS/DWS-3227, or DXS/DWS-3227P switch. CX-4 is a cost effective means of transporting data over short distances. The DEM-411T is designed to provide up to 12Gbps of bi-directional bandwidth when used as a stacking interface while connected to an xStack 3200 Series switch. The DEM-411T is also IEEE 803.2ak compliant and will operate at a standard 10Gbps when used to uplink to another 802.3ak CX-4 compliant device such as a SAN or Server NIC. The DEM-411T is self-contained and does not require the purchase of an additional transceiver to function. The DEM-411S Stacking Kit also includes a 0.5 meter CX-4 cable for stacking with another xStack 3200 Series switch.

Product Features:

• 2 10 Gigabit Fiber CX-4 Module for xStack 3200 Series
• 1 0.5 Meter CX-4 Cable
• IEEE 802.3ak and 10Gbase-CX4 Compliant
• Full Duplex Operation
• Wire Speed