HP StorageWorks N1200-320 4Gb Network Storage Router

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HP StorageWorks N1200-320 4Gb Network Storage Router

The HP StorageWorks N1200-320 4Gb Network Storage Router is a key component in a complete data protection solution. It is a 1U rack-ready router with one Fibre Channel port and two LVD-SCSI ports. The router offers support for 4Gb Fibre Channel and includes web-based remote manageability. Customers utilize the router when connecting SCSI-based tape libraries to a SAN. It is also one of the supported routers when configuring Fibre Channel with HP StorageWorks Optical Jukeboxes. The N1200-320 4Gb NSR offers enterprise class features at a price point appealing to small- and medium-business customers.

As storage capacity needs multiply every year, businesses struggle to keep up with these demands. Contributing factors to the growth in storage include applications becoming more complex, increasing files sizes, and regulations becoming more numerous regarding the storage of tax, customer and other business critical information. In addition to this, companies need to operate 24x7 in order to not be left behind. To keep up with these demands, they look to solution providers to guide them in their decision making when creating a data protection strategy. Key components of this strategy should include reliability, lower total cost of ownership, investment protection and ease of use. The N1200-320 4Gb NSR delivers all of these benefits.

What's new

* Includes an embedded 4Gb FC interface card which is designed to provide higher performance if used with Ultrium 960 (LTO3) tape technology
* RoHS compliant (5 of 6)


* Simplicity: Provides a Fibre Channel connectivity option to move LVD SCSI-based hardware into a SAN
* Value: Supports existing and emerging Fibre Channel infrastructures; 1Gb, 2Gb and 4Gb fibre topologies are supported via a 4Gb Fibre Channel port
* LUN mapping & masking: Device level feature supports effective asset allocation, data security and device manageability
* Agility: Web-based remote management to allow access to device status and statistics via HTTP, FTP, TELNET or serial port visibility
* Increased memory bandwidth: A FC port running at 2.67 Gb/s delivers end-to-end throughput up to 230 MB/s which enables full usage of tape drives during the read/write process
* Broad connectivity: Provides connect options for up to two Ultrium, SDLT, DLT or AIT tape drives per SCSI bus
* RoHS compliant: Meets lead-free initiatives in the European region