Linksys OGV200 Network Optimizer

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Linksys OGV200 Network Optimizer

The Network Optimizer for Gaming and VoIP from Linksys streamlines your home network for next-generation Internet applications. By applying various Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to your network traffic, the Network Optimizer makes sure time-sensitive applications like online gaming and VoIP calls run smoothly.

The Network Optimizer sits between your home router and broadband cable or DSL modem, and monitors the data going through. It automatically determines what data is time-sensitive and what isn't, and prioritizes delivery of that data to its destination, ensuring the best-possible performance for the various types of data that go through your network.

Traffic prioritization helps make sure that your online games don't lag when someone else on the network is surfing the web or sending email. Voice over IP phone calls sound cleaner. Outgoing streamed video from your Internet Video Camera runs smoother.

And the best part is that the Network Optimizer takes care of prioritizing the data automatically, with no user setup of QoS policies required. After a simple installation it gets right to work, enhancing your network's performance and helping you get the most out of your high-speed Internet connection.

Network Optimizer for Gaming and VoIP
Streamline your network!

* Automatically optimizes your home network traffic
* Gives time-sensitive data higher priority through to the Internet
* Reduces lag in online gaming
* Improves Voice over IP call quality