Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth USB Adapter

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Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth USB Adapter

The Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter adds local wireless connectivity to your USB-equipped computer. Bluetooth technology lets you connect various electronic devices together wirelessly, eliminating the need for wires all over your desktop, and easily connecting your notebook to peripherals in an airport lounge without all the cable clutter.

With the USB Bluetooth Adapter plugged into a USB port on your notebook or desktop computer, you'll be able to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to synchronize the data in your PDA, transfer files to other computers, send files to printers or fax servers, use a wireless mouse, keyboard, or telephony headset, or use your mobile phone as a link to the Internet, all without cables.

Up to seven Bluetooth 1.1 compatible devices can connect to the USB Bluetooth Adapter simultaneously, creating your own "Personal Area Network". The Adapter is a Class 1 long-range device, and is powered directly from the USB port, so there's no need for an external power supply. To keep your data secure, Bluetooth technology uses 128-bit encryption and a "frequency hopping" scheme that's almost impossible to intercept.

Bluetooth peripherals broadcast their availability and offer their specific services to local authorized systems. The Bluetooth management and connectivity software included with the USB Bluetooth Adapter makes it easy to discover and connect to these nearby devices. Enter a whole new world of wireless connectivity with the Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter.

Add Bluetooth connection capability to your PC!

* Add Bluetooth Class 1 connectivity to your USB-equipped notebook or desktop computer
* Wirelessly connect to local devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, printers, headsets, other computers, mice, keyboards, and more
* Synchronize data between your PC and PDA, and keep your mobile phone's address book up to date
* Use your mobile phone to connect your notebook computer to the Internet, while the phone is still in your pocket