Linksys WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge

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Linksys WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge

The versatile Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network. At home, use the Bridge to connect game consoles, set-top boxes, or computers to your Wireless-G network and its shared high-speed Internet connection. In the office, convert your Ethernet-wired printer, scanner, camera, notebook or desktop into a wireless networked device.

It's completely driver-free, so it works on any platform and under any operating system! Since there's no drivers to load, setup is a snap -- configure the network settings through your PC's web browser, then plug it into your device and go. And physical installation is simplified by support for Power Over Ethernet. With an optional POE Adapter, you can mount the Bridge wherever you want -- power and data are both supplied through the Category 5 Ethernet cable.

You can also use the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge as a kind of "cable-less cable" to connect remote areas together. Maybe Shipping is all the way across the warehouse from Receiving. Or maybe you want to set up a home office in your detached garage. With a Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge in the garage, and another one (or a Wireless-G Access Point) in the house, you're connected -- no digging trenches, and no overhead wires.

Let the Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge from Linksys open up exciting new possibilities for your wireless network.

Connect any Ethernet-equipped device to a high-speed Wireless-G Network

* Converts wired-Ethernet devices to Wireless-G (draft 802.11g) network connectivity
* Works without drivers on Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux®, PlayStation®2, Xbox™, or proprietary devices – anything with an Ethernet port!
* Provides high-speed cable-free bridging between remote workgroups
* Supports Power Over Ethernet for ease of installation (POE Adapter required)