Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter

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Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter

The Wireless-G Game Adapter gives any wired Ethernet-equipped game console wireless connection capabilities. The Game Adapter can be used in two different ways. If you have an existing home wireless network and a cable or DSL Internet connection, the Game Adapter lets your PlayStation®2, Xbox™ or GameCube™ attach to the network so you can get into online games without running wires to the game room. Or, use a pair of Game Adapters to form a "cable-less cable" between two game consoles for head-to-head gaming -- in the same room, or all the way across the house.

It's completely driver-free, so it works on any platform. Since there's no drivers to load, setup is a snap. In some cases, it works right out of the box! If your setup's a little different -- just configure the network settings through your PC's web browser, plug it into your game box, and go.

The Wireless-G Game Adapter provides lag-free gaming with communication speeds up to 54Mbps when connected to other Wireless-G devices. It can also connect to Wireless-B (802.11b) devices and networks at 11Mbps.

Spend your time gaming, not stringing wires, with the Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter.

* Lag-free head-to-head or Internet gaming at up to 54Mbps, without stringing wires
* Converts wired-Ethernet-ready game consoles to Wireless-G (draft 802.11g) network connectivity
* Works without drivers on PlayStation®2, Xbox™, and GameCube™
* Also connects to Wireless-B (802.11b) networks at 11Mbps