Linksys WRV200 Wireless-G VPN Router

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Linksys WRV200 Wireless-G VPN Router

The Linksys Small Business Series is the affordable, reliable, high quality networking solution that helps you do business smarter. Secure and easy to install and maintain, it's built to grow with your business.

Enable a wireless network in a reliable, intelligent and SNMP managed way for your Small business. The intuitive web based interface allows you to easily set up the features of the WRV200. SNMP gives you the ability to remotely manage and monitor the device.

The VPN router gives your business multiple SSID and VLANs for traffic separation and enhanced QOS functionality for improved quality voice/video. With support for Wireless QoS (WMM) and wired QoS (port prioritization), consistent voice and video quality is maintained throughout your business.

The 10 IPsec QuickVPN tunnels with a throughput at 30 Mbps gives your mobile workers a secure and easy-to-use way to stay connected. As an essential element of your business, this product provides security functions for authentification, encryption, and firewall. Additional security features includes enabling/disabling SSID Broadcast, MAC-based filtering, and DOS prevention.

The RangeBooster technology provides increased range and reliability utilizing MIMO. The RF output allows flexible control of the wireless access coverage.

* RangeBooster (MIMO) technology for dramatically increased range
* SPI Firewall, Encryption, and VPN support makes your network secure
* Multiple BSSIDs and VLANs provide separate secure networks
* Enhanced QoS for both Wireless and wired provide improved quality voice/video