Linksys WRV210 Wireless-G VPN Router

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Linksys WRV210 Wireless-G VPN Router

The WRV210 is a VPN router with a Wireless-G access point for small offices and home offices. The 10/100 Ethernet WAN interface connects directly to your broadband DSL or Cable modem. For the LAN interface, there is a built-in 4-port, full-duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch that can connect up to four devices. The wireless AP supports 802.11b/g and incorporates Linksys RangeBooster technology, which utilizes a MIMO antennae configuration to provide increased coverage and reliability over standard 802.11g.

The WRV210 has the advanced security functions needed for business networking. It has a stateful packet inspection (SPI) based firewall with DoS prevention, but also a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) engine. VPN enables secure communications over the Internet between your office and mobile, remote workers or branch offices.

For your wired and wireless local area network, there is support for multiple SSIDs and VLANs for traffic separation. The WRV210's Wireless AP implements WPA2-PSK, WPA2-ENT, and WEP encryption, along with other security features including enabling/disabling SSID Broadcasts and MAC-based filtering.

Wireless networking in business environments requires additional flexibility. The WRV210 has the capability to expand or reduce the area of your wireless network. There is support for Wireless Distribution System (WDS), which allows the wireless coverage to be expanded without wires through wireless bridging between it and select Linksys stand alone access points. That, along with the ability to increase or decrease the RF output power, allows for optimal wireless coverage.

QoS functionality can improve the quality of your voice or video over IP. With support for Wireless QoS (WMM) and wired QoS (port prioritization), consistent voice and video quality is maintained throughout your business.

* RangeBooster (MIMO) technology for dramatically increased range
* SPI Firewall, Encryption, and VPN support makes your network secure
* Multiple BSSIDs and VLANs provide separate secure networks
* Enhanced QoS for both Wireless and wired provide improved quality voice/video