Motorola M-Card MediaCipher Multi-Stream CableCARD

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Motorola M-Card MediaCipher Multi-Stream CableCARD

Based on OpenCable standards, the M-Card enables a wide variety of consumer electronics products to include Motorola's MediaCipher™ and DigiCipher® conditional access technologies. M-Card's higher throughput rates support simultaneous viewing and recording of multiple digital video channels — and dual-tuner, picture-in-picture viewing of two premium channels simultaneously — with Motorola's unsurpassed cable programming security.

The M-Card expands upon single-stream conditional access features and provides compatibility with S-Card devices, while maximizing cable operators' investment in single-stream technologies. M-Card is included with Motorola's Digital Cable Host (DCH) set-tops.

Complies with the cable industry's "plug and play" agreement, CableCARD Interface 2.0, and all applicable North American emissions standards, including CE, UL, CSE, and FCC Part 15 Class A

2.1 in W x 3.4 in L x 0.2 in H (54 cm x 86 cm x 5 cm)

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