Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station

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Sony LF-V30 LocationFree Base Station

Channel surf through your local channels even if you're not local. The LF-V30 LocationFree® Base Station grants you access to your personal DVR content and local TV channels from wherever you are.* You can even connect your DVD or VCR to the base station and enjoy your home movie collection while on the road. For added convenience, you can easily connect your camcorder and monitor your home from work or while vacationing in another country. With so much versatility at your fingertips, there's always something good on TV, no matter where you are. * Internet connection required. Broadband connection recommended.

Watch your home TV and DVR anywhere you go
The LocationFree® Base Station is a device that connects to your cable or satellite box and streams your TV shows and DVR content over the internet for you to watch and control anywhere you go. Now you can watch live local news, recorded DVR content or the hometown ballgame wherever you have internet access, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or enjoying room service in a hotel halfway around the world.

Enjoy local TV , even if you’re not local
There’s just something about local TV programming that makes you feel at home. You know which shows you like best and where and when to find them. You have a local newscast you rely on and a hometown sports team you can’t bear to miss. The VAIO® LocationFree® Base Station is the ideal solution for mobile professionals, college students and global travelers seeking the comforts of home TV from the road. With a LocationFree Base Station at home and a compatible PC or PSP® system in tow, far away doesn’t seem so far away.

DVR content
With a LocationFree® Base Station, you can watch and control content on your DVR from virtually anywhere you go. Great for catching up on your recorded programs from the road, this feature is also handy for in-home use. Since a DVR stores its content to a local hard drive, you can normally only watch this programming on the TV that the DVR is connected too. But with a LocationFree® Base Station, your DVR is freed from your living room and available for you to access when you want, where you want. You can even remotely setup DVR recordings from your connected device, so you’re sure not to miss your favorite programming, even if you’re running late.

DVD players, multi-disc changers and carousels
You can even connect VCR, DVD player or DVD changer to the LocationFree® Base Station and access your DVD collection for a mobile movie marathon featuring all your favorites.

Connect to other devices
The VAIO® LocationFree® Base Station can connect to any device with a component, S-Video or composite video input, including your HDTV3 box or camcorder. HDTV The VAIO® LocationFree® Base Station lets you stream and remotely enjoy your home high definition programming3 without the need for any special cables or inputs. Live or recorded HDTV3 programming is streamed from the LocationFree Base Station in a compressed, standard-definition format, putting all your favorite programming at your fingertips. Camcorder The VAIO® LocationFree® Base Station can connect to your camcorder at home, letting you can keep an eye on the kids, check-in on your pets or even look after the nanny via live Internet feed, whether you’re in the next room, at work or even vacationing in another country.

A remote control you may recognize
A programmable on-screen version of your home remote2 is displayed on your LCD, letting you surf local TV or toggle through your DVR recordings in a familiar manner. It’s a fun and easy way to take your favorite programming to-go. You can even add or remove buttons from this virtual remote to suit your needs. Just be careful not to get in a channel changing war, this virtual remote control is literally controlling your home TV. So if someone is watching TV at home while you’re controlling on the road, you could be in for a struggle.

Stream throughout your home
The LocationFree® Base Station has a great feature for those who want to carry their TV with them throughout the house. With built-in 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN technologies, the LocationFree® Base Station streams your TV and DVR content throughout your home, up to 100 feet. Watching a great show with the family, but need to go fold some laundry– Just pick up your VAIO notebook and watch along in-synch. Don’t want to miss a moment of the game while you go for a snack– Take your PSP with you and catch every move you might have otherwise missed.

Stream outside your home
CONNECT: To stream content outside your home with a Location Free Base Station, all you need is a TV, a home internet connection and an internet-connected compatible device (such as a PC or PSP). The LocationFree® Base Station connects to your cable box, DVR, DVD changer or camcorder and utilizes your home internet connection to stream your entertainment for you to access on a compatible “client device”, such as a notebook, desktop, PSP system, or Windows Mobile pocket PC4. ACCESS: To begin enjoying your home entertainment, simply connect to the internet on your compatible device and launch the LocationFree® player for full access to any device connected to your LocationFree® Base Station. CONTROL: A handy on-screen remote control (customizable to mirror your home remote) gives you quick and easy control over your live local TV, DVR recordings and DVD player or changer.

Turn your PSP into a portable TV
PSP® systems come pre-installed with the LocationFree® software, making it easy for you to watch your home TV, DVR, DVD player and DVD changer on-the-go. With a LocationFree® Base Station transmitting your home TV over the internet, you can simply connect to the internet with your PSP® system and access your home TV and DVR, which is being broadcast to you from your home internet connection.

Highly-compatible and user-friendly
The LocationFree® Base Station can stream your home entertainment to a variety of devices, including desktops, notebooks, PSP, Windows Mobile pocket PC and even Mac via an available third-party software. LocationFree® software is pre-installed on every new VAIO PC and PSP and available for any other brand of computer.