Trendnet TE100-SK1plus Hub Starter Kit

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Trendnet TE100-SK1plus Hub Starter Kit

TRENDnet's TE100-SK1plus 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Starter Kit is a complete networking solution for connecting two personal computers to share files, printers, hard drives, and other peripherals. The kit comes with two 10/100Mbps PCI cards, a 5-port 100Base-TX hub, two 20 feet CAT 5 cables, and an easy-to-use installation guide. Designed especially for home and small office use, this reliable kit lets you cruise in 100Mbps speed and allows expansion of your future networks.


5-port 100Base-T Hub (TE100-H5Eplus)

* Supports five 100Base-TX UTP/STP RJ-45 ports per hub
* MDI-II uplink port (shared with port 1) allows connection to another 100Base-TX Class II hub/switch without using the crossover cable
* Connects with UTP/STP Category 5 cables
* Status LED indicators for easy viewing and troubleshooting
* Auto-partitioning function isolates network failure
* Sturdy all metal housing
* 5-year limited warranty

10/100Mbps PCI Fast Ethernet Card (TE100-PCIWN)

* Realtec RTL8139 based chipset
* 10/100Mbps auto-sensing
* Supports half- and full-duplex operation
* Single UTP/STP RJ-45 connector (CAT 3, 4, 5 UTP/STP cables for 10Mbps operation and CAT 5 UTP/STP cable for 100Mbps operation)
* 32-bit PCI Bus master mode
* Plug and Play (PnP)
* Compatible with all popular network operating systems
* 5-year limited warranty