Trendnet TE100-SK2 Dual Speed Starter Kit

Trendnet Updated: 2009-01-21 RSS
Trendnet TE100-SK2 Dual Speed Starter Kit

The TE100-SK2 is designed as a complete solution for connecting two personal computers together, therefore enabling them to share files, printers, fax servers, and/or e-mail. TRENDnet's TE100-SK2 network starter kit comes with a 4-port 10/100Mbps dual-speed hub card (TE100-DX4PCI), a single port (UTP/STP) 10/100Mbps PCI network interface card (TE100-PCIW Plus) and a 15' Category 5 UTP cable. This kit is specifically designed for home and small office use and can support up to 5 network nodes without expansion. There is enough port to add a network printer, TRENDnet's Web Cruiser Internet station (TW-100) and a third personal computer.


* Four (4) RJ-45 ports on the Hub Card provide connection for 10Base-T/100Base-TX clients.
* Plug and Play.
* Diagnostic software, network driver installation utility and network drivers on the diskette.
* Four (4) brackets mounted status LED's on the Hub Card, for easy viewing and troubleshooting. TE100-PCIW Plus has one LNK and one 100 LEDs.
* Compatible with all Popular Network Operating Systems.
* 5-year limited warranty