Trendnet TPL-102E Powerline Ethernet Bridge

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Trendnet TPL-102E Powerline Ethernet Bridge

The Powerline 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Bridge transforms existing power lines in your home or small office into a high-speed network solution. The Powerline Ethernet bridge meets Home Plug 1.0.1 compatibility, ensures privacy through 56-bit Data Encryption, and supports data rates of up to 14Mbps. Included software measures data performance and enhances network security.


* Up to 14Mbps High-Speed Data Transfer Rate over Powerlines
* Allows Concurrent Shared Internet Access across existing Electrical Outlets
* Supports up to 12 Clients per Network
* Fully HomePlug 1.0.1 Compliant
* Supports 56-bit Data Encryption Security
* Compatible with Windows 98(SE), ME, 2000 and XP
* Connect to a Network using Existing Powerlines with Wall-Plugged design
* Range of up to 300 Meters (depends on the environment)
* Supports Plug & Play and Easy Installation
* 3-year limited warranty