Trendnet TW-100 Ethernet Internet Station

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Trendnet TW-100 Ethernet Internet Station

The TW-100 is a IP address sharing device which allows your entire network to logon to the Internet with only one ISP account, and assigned IP address to all network users. The TW-100 is equipped with high-speed COM ports through which analog modems or ISDN terminal adapters can be attached. Through one modem, your entire network can access the Internet. It eliminates the need for a separate modem, phone line and phone charges for each individual user.


* Connect to the Internet via 10Base-T or 10Base-2 connections
* Supports Win3.x/95/98/NT, Netware, Mac, OS/2, LANtastic, and many others
* Asynchronous WAN port supports up to 230.4Kbps data transfer
* Easy configuration through your Web browser
* Monitors communications link for inactivity and drops the connection. (user defined)
* Built-in firewall and secure gateway for LAN users
* 5-year limited warranty


* PPP(RFC1661)
* Compression TCP/IP(RFC 1144)
* CHAP/PAP IP(791)
* ICMP(792)
* ARP(826)
* SNMP(1157)
* DHCP(1533,1541)
Security: PAP/CHAP(RFC1334), local password
* VT100,VT102, VT220 compatible terminal application via its RS-232 port.
* Internet Browser
LAN Port: 1 x 10Base-2 (BNC) and 1 x 10Base-T (RJ45) 10Mbps Connector type auto-sensing Ethernet interface
WAN Port: 1 x asynchronous port (male)
WAN Speed: 230.4Kbps Max. Speed
Weight: 142g / 5oz. (excluding power adapter)
Power Consumption: DC9v/500mA
Dimensions: 120mm x 86mm x 30mm (LxWxH)
LED: Green—Link, Red—Error, one WAN ports for traffic
Certifications: FCC, UL, VCCI, CSA, C-tick, TUV, CE