ZyXEL G-202 Wireless USB Adapter

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ZyXEL G-202 Wireless USB Adapter

Works with IEEE 802.11g WLAN Standard Device
ZyXEL's wireless adapters are a convenient and easy way to add high-speed 802.11g wireless Internet access to your notebook computer.  These products support latest Wi-Fi encryption technologies to assure a safe networking environment, while providing tested compatibility with wireless access points and routers.  Upgrade your computer today.


* Multi-use form factor with included USB weighted base for flexible deployment options
* Fully compliant with IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g
* WPA and WPA2 certified for maximum security thwarting would-be intruders
* Certified with WMM *Wi-Fi MultiMedia* for QoS control for heavy loading applications perfect for VoIP, Streaming Multimedia, and Online Gaming
* Complete Wi-Fi and WHQL certified for operation for other certified products
* Setup Wizard included for easy installation
* Software Access Point feature makes sharing Internet a breeze

Top of the Line Security
Every G-202 is certified with WPA and WPA2 security bringing you the best security there is on the market for consumers today. Thwart would-be hackers who may try to steal sensitive information such as pin numbers or passwords to your bank account. With WPA and WPA2 implemented those are worries are all in the past.

Flexible Solutions
The ZyXEL G-202 is the perfect for any situation. With a weighted base, it converts into the perfect esktop solution. When you're on the go, simply detach the G-202 from its base, cover the exposed USB connector with the included cap, and you're ready! The Software Access Point mode, makes the G-202 a perfect solution for group traveling. Simply plug in your wired connection to your laptop and with a simple click of the mouse, make the G-202 into an Access Point. Share your Internet connection in a local area with security measures including WEP.

Built-in Quality of Service
Applications that require higher bandwidth are cropping up more and more and with that the ever pressing need for bandwidth management of some sort is becoming more and more necessary. Applications such as VoIP pay a heavy burden when QoS are unavailable resulting in dropped calls, garbled voices, lag, and choppy connections in general. Bury those problems with the built-in Wi-Fi Multimedia feature! With WMM, wireless traffic QoS is constantly implemented making sure you have all the bandwidth you will require for any application you wish to use!