ZyXEL P-660RU-T1 ADSL Router

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ZyXEL P-660RU-T1 ADSL Router

ZyXEL P-660RU Series are next-generation ADSL router solutions utilizing high-speed ADSL2 and ADSL2+ technologies to achieve speeds up to 12Mbps (ADSL2) or 24 Mbps (ADSL2+). With ZyXEL P-660RU, users can enjoy high-quality multimedia and real time applications such as online gaming, video conferencing and other bandwidth-hogging services easily and effortlessly.

With USB and Ethernet dual-interface, the P-660RU Series offers a flexible way to access the Internet. And additional features like Zero Configuration technology makes installation quick and simple, enabling service providers to reduce technical support costs significantly.

High-speed Internet Access
With speeds up to 12Mbps(ADSL2) or 24Mbps(ADSL2+), the P-660RU Series offers higher data transfer rates and better bandwidth than traditional ADSL gateways. Users can access the Internet faster than ever and enjoy better bandwidth quality with the combination of the P-660RU and the new ADSL 2/2+ connection.

By offering both Ethernet and USB ports in a box, the P-660RU Series enables users to access the Internet with either interface option in accordance to their convenience and environment.

Zero Configuration
Thanks to the ZyXEL-exclusive Zero Configuration technology, the quick and easy installation allows users to hook up a DSL connection easily in minutes.

UPnP Support
The P-660RU Series support UPnP discovery and UPnP NAT traversal. Using the standard TCP/IP protocol, the P-660RU can dynamically join a network, obtain an IP address, convey its capabilities and learn about other devices on the network.

Smaller Size
The P-660R enjoys many benefits from its smaller size. It's compact, flexible, and easy to install. It's even cooler in both operation and appearance.