Toshiba LKBST-65 Keyboard Color Touch Panel

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba LKBST-65 Keyboard Color Touch Panel

The TOSHIBA LKBST-65 is an innovative operator interface for the TOSHIBA ST-7000, or ST-7000-C POS Terminals comprised of a high brightness 12.1 inch color LCD/Touch Screen and a keyboard with a maximum of 40 function keys.

Toshiba’s proven design combines a high resolution, 12.1" color LCD with a forty-key keyboard, integrated speaker, control lock, and optional MCR The intuitive design helps shorten training time for new employees, while increasing productivity at the checkout.

All in One Space Saving Concept
Touch Display + Keyboard + Card Reader

The LKBST-65 requires only 2 cables to interface to the ST-7000, one cable for PS/2 Keyboard I/F (the LKBST-65 also has a PS/2 Port to allow connecting another external keyboard), and one cable for the Power, Video, and Touch Interface. This unique cable management makes it an ideal solution for point of service operations.

The LKBST-65 can be mounted using the pole (included as standard), or with the optional mounting base.