D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player

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D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player

High Definition DivX Video
DivX Connected™ finally makes HD on your TV a reality with high-quality DivX video playback at up to HD 720p. Use HDMI (included) for the best quality or S-video, component or composite cables for your standard definition TV or HDTV.

Power to the PC
Leverage your PC power and enjoy fast, smooth, stutter-free video, music and photo playback in a rich, remote-controlled TV interface, and add new functionality with a quick update to the DivX Connected server software. The DSM-330's only function is to stream media to your TV, making it infinitely scalable with add-on services and plug-ins.

Easy Setup
The installation wizard helps you connect the DSM-330 to your network and TV, as well as set up and scan your media. It comes with all necessary cables and DivX Converter—a simple software program to convert videos to the DivX format on your PC.

Foundation of Your Digital Home
Add the DSM-330 to your wired or wireless home network and access media from all your PCs, hard drives and the Internet. Stream music, photos and video using wireless 802.11g or an Ethernet connection and enjoy the high-quality media experience in your home theater.

Product Features:

• Stream High-Quality Video, Photos and Music Wirelessly to Your TV
• Play Digital Videos from the PC and the Internet, Including DivX Videos up to HD 720p
• Access Other Online Video Services with Your Remote Control without Leaving the Couch
• Add a Personal Touch with DivX Connected™ Plug-ins for Gaming and Infotainment Services