Logitech 930-000011 Transporter Network Music Player

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Logitech 930-000011 Transporter Network Music Player

Experience pure audio delight.

Designed to please the most discriminating audiophiles and music lovers, Logitech® Transporter® offers sound quality that surpasses even the most exotic CD players.

Audio performance

* Astounding analog sound: Experience astounding sound clarity. The AK4396 "Miracle DAC" delivers high dynamic range and low distortion. Low out-of-band noise allows the use of low-order output filters with higher cutoffs, preserving phase and reducing distortion in the audible band.
* High-accuracy digital sound: Transporter® offers a bit-perfect path with extremely precise timing. Clock signals are handled as precision analog signals, not as ones and zeroes. Specialized crystal oscillators, careful clock management, and linear-regulated logic supplies ensure the lowest-possible jitter throughout the system.
* Clean power: Super regulators power Transporter's DAC and output amplifiers, offering lower output impedance, faster response, and better noise rejection than standard three-terminal regulators. You hear incredibly natural sound, with a pitch-black background and a stunning level of detail.


* Easy access to all types of digital music: Listen to music stored on your computer, browse music from your favorite online services, or tune into Internet radio broadcasts.
* TransNav™ controller: Feel your music with a dynamic tactile feedback controller that gets you quickly to any song in your music collection, no matter how large.
* Superior controls: A sleek, backlit infrared remote and dual fluorescent displays give you instant access to Transporter® from anywhere in the room.


* Quality connectors: The back panel provides a complete set of professional-grade connectors, including both balanced and unbalanced signals for Transporter's analog and digital interfaces.
* Expand your musical empire: Add Transporter® and Squeezebox players to deliver high-quality digital music to every room in the house.
* Simple to install and operate: A wizard walks you through connecting to your home network and the Internet. An intuitive interface makes browsing and playing music easy.

Technical Specifications

o DAC: AKM AK4396 multibit sigma-delta D/A, 120 dB dynamic range, 120 dB SNR (A-weighted), -106 dB THD+N
o Digital outputs: 15 picoseconds intrinsic jitter (standard deviation), coax, optical, BNC S/PDIF, and balanced AES/EBU
o Digital inputs: Coax, optical, BNC S/PDIF, and balanced AES/EBU inputs that can be used to drive the DAC, network streaming, or pass-through
o Word clock input: Allows synchronization to an external clock source
o Display: Dual 320 x 32 grayscale vacuum fluorescent displays with multiple text, spectrum analyzer, and VU views
o CPU: 325 MIPS eight-way multithreaded, 8 MB audio buffer and SlimDSP™
o Network: True 802.11g wireless, 10/100Mbps Ethernet
o Decoders: WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, FLAC with 24-bit resolution, and 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz sample rates
o Communications: TCP/IP control, infrared input, infrared output, RS-232
o Rack-mount brackets: Optional
o Weight: 6 kg (13 lbs)
o Power: Autoranging linear power supply 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 10 watts
o Remote control: Custom, backlighted, 32-key infrared remote
o Dimensions (H x W x D): 17" x 3" x 12.25" (433mm x 72mm x 311mm)