Pioneer PD-D9-J Super Audio CD Player

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Pioneer PD-D9-J Super Audio CD Player

Go beyond sound as you know it. Go beyond technology as you've ever experienced it before. Enter the world of Pioneer® Elite®. A world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine audio. A world where advanced technology performs in perfect harmony with outstanding sound quality. A world where AIR Studios™ Sound Tuning ensures that a musical score is reproduced as near to the original as possible. It's a world so unbelievably crisp, so undeniably clear and so completely pristine, it will change the way you listen forever.

Built with Legato Link Pro to ensure minimum phase shift across its entire audible frequency band, Twin Toroidal Transformers for higher-resolution digital processing, and TAOC Insulators to provide added weight, stability and shielding – this amazing CD player delivers enhanced linearity, dynamic range and distortion-free response in the most beautiful way possible.

But the benefits of enhanced audio technology don't stop there. The Twin Wolfson® digital-to-analog converters guarantee that even the most subtle music detail is perfectly reproduced. SACD DSD Single-Chip Decoding in the PD-D9 reduces the digital circuitry signal path length, creating brilliant noise-free sound, while an extremely stable, high performance Low-Jitter Crystal Oscillator Circuit serves as a highly precise master clock for sound reproductions. And Isolated Power Supply Blocks ensure that each section of the PD-D9-J has its own power source, shielding it from electromagnetic interference.

Created to produce the ultimate sonic performance, the PD-D9-J delivers music so clear and so exciting…you'll feel as if every piece of sound you listen to is being performed live, right in front of you.