Sanyo NVM-4030 Easy Street Portable GPS Navigation System

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-15
Sanyo NVM-4030 Easy Street Portable GPS Navigation System

Introducing Easy Street™, the new 4-inch touch-screen portable GPS navigation system from SANYO. Portable Navigation made easy. The entire continental US map is pre-loaded on SD memory so there’s no subscription or download required. And, with Bluetooth-enabled phones you can enjoy simple hands-free mobile calls and one-touch dialing. Conveniently compact and lightweight, the Easy Street MVN-4030 has up to 3.5 hours of battery life, and comes complete with charging and mounting accessories so you can take it just about anywhere. All this with a price that’s surprisingly easy on the wallet.

Easy Navigation:  Sanyo's Easy Street Navigation uses Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) technology to help you get to your desired destination with reliability and ease.  WAAS is comprised of satellites and ground stations that provide corrections to GPS signals - offering greater accuracy compared to conventional GPS solutions.

The Easy Street Navigation System also allows you to choose from several different map angles for easy viewing.  In addition, the turn-by-turn voice-guidance feature will gently direct you to your destination.

Bluetooth:  Sanyo's Easy Street Navigation System incorporates Bluetooth technology allowing convenient, wireless, hands-free connectivity with Bluetooth enabled cell phones.  Simply speak to dial (pre-programming numbers required) and use the Easy Street Navigation unit as your hands-free cell phone speaker system.  Now you can use both hands to drive instead of fumbling for your cell phone or arranging traditional hands-free earpieces.

Contact Management  Database:  Easy Street includes a contact management database for convenient access to business and personal contact information.  Up to 500 contacts can be loaded intothe unit for easy access while traveling.

MP3 Player:  For music enthusiasts on-the-go, Easy Street plays MP3, WMA (non-protected) and WAV music files stored on SD flash cards. The music player screen displaays MP3 ID3 tag information including album name, artist name and song title information.  It also provides a convenient interface to fully control the song playback (Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Random Play, Repeat).  Song files can be easily transferred to and from your computer to a SD card.