BFG GS-550 Power Supply

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BFG GS-550 Power Supply

No longer does upgrading a power supply mean having to break the bank, nor does a limited budget require you to have to 'settle' for a second rate unit. Upgrade to a whole new level with a BFG GS Series power supply. The BFG GS Series feature a typical efficiency of up to 85%, so more power is converted to DC than many other power supplies on the market. BFG Thermal Control Technology ensures that the unit runs as quietly as possible by varying the speed of the fan in response to load and temperature. Dual +12V rails, over-volt, over-current and short circuit protection provide rock solid reliability and safety.

Works with AGP, PCI, PCI Express®
Includes two PCI Express Connectors for Dual Graphics Card Support
Features new 8-Pin PCI Express Connector
Dual 12V Rails

ATX12V 2.2
Supports the latest Intel® and AMD® based platforms requiring 24-Pin motherboard and 4-Pin or 8-Pin 12V connectors. With the 20+4-Pin motherboard connector, it is also backward compatible with previous ATX standards.

Dual 12V Rails
By splitting the +12V source into two separate rails, your components are provided the most stable power available while upholding rigorous safety standards.

PCI Express Ready
The PCI Express 6-Pin power connectors ensure compatibility with many high-end and several dual graphics card configurations without having to use unreliable, often performance hindering adapters.

SATA Connectors
Four serial ATA connectors allow you to connect up to four serial ATA devices without needing special adapters.

BFG Thermal Control Technology
BFG Thermal Control Technology thermostatically adjusts fan speed based on load and temperature in order to maintain as low and as quiet of a fan speed as possible.

Protection Circuitry
Built-in protection circuitry is able to handle common power irregularities such as over-voltage, overload, and short circuits.

A mean time between failure rating of greater than 80,000 hours guarantees a long lasting and reliable source of power.

High Effciency
BFG's GS series power supplies feature 80% to 85% typical effciency, so more power is converted to DC than many of the other power supply units on the market.

- ATX12V 2.2
- Dual 12V Rails
- SATA Connectors
- PCI Express Ready
- Efficiency: > 80% Typical
- Silent 140mm Intake Fan
- BFG Thermal Control Technology
- Protection Circuitry
- MTBF: 80,000 Hours at 25° C
- Safety Approval: CCC, CB, UL, TUV, CE, CSA, CUL, NEMKO, SAA, GS, VDE
- Dimensions: 8.6cm W x 15cm H x 15.8cm D (3.4" W x 6" H x 6.25" D)
- 1 Year Warranty

DC Output
- +3.3V = 35A
- +5V = 40A
- +3.3V +5V Max. Combined Wattage = 130W
- +12V1 = 18A
- +12V2 = 18A
- +12V Max. Combined Wattage = 432W
- -12V = 0.5A
- +5VSB = 2.5A

- 1 x 24-Pin (20+4-Pin) Motherboard Connector
- 1 x 8-Pin (4+4-Pin) CPU 12V Power Connector
- 1 x 6-Pin PCI Express Connector
- 1 x 8-Pin (6+2-Pin) PCI Express Connector
- 4 x 4-Pin Molex Connectors
- 1 x 4-Pin Floppy Connector
- 4 x SATA Connectors