CoolMax CR-450B Power Supply

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CoolMax CR-450B Power Supply

The CR-450B has 450 watts of power efficiency to run your everyday programs with extra connectors for all your additional devices. It includes a 140mm fan with a special feature that controls the speed of which your fan is operating – low, high, or automatic. In the automatic mode, there will be a heat sensor to help maintain a steady level of coolness. The CR-450B is a high quality power supply that delivers stable voltages at high efficiency. It provides maximum system performance with components built for extra durability – perfect for those who want the best out of simplicity.


- 140mm ball bearing fan design, long life, and fastest cooling time
- 3 Speed Fan Control Knob
- High performance components are designed for extra long life and provide maximum system performance
- Heavy duty transformers designed to support high performance system & several drives
- Fully support All Intel & AMD demand
- Cable-tube on main power cables for better cable routing and neatness
- Built in EMI filter; low ripple noise
- Over voltage, over power and short circuit protection.
- MTBF > 100,000 hours @ 25°C.