NZXT PP800 Power Supply

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NZXT PP800 Power Supply

Introducing the newest PP800 from NZXT, tuned to power the latest peripherals and video cards on the market. The Performance Power 800 will power any high end system on the market today. At 78% load efficiency and paired with four +12V rails, the PP800 is the perfect solution for enthusiast systems. PP800 is certified by NVIDIA(R) for SLI(R) gaming systems.


* SLI-ready Certified Power Supply
* Complying with Intel ATX / BTX Standard
* Gold-Coated Connectors
* Output Over / Under / Short / Overload Protection
* 78% Efficiency at load
* Smooth black matte finish
* Industry Standard ATX V2.91
* Low Noise 80mm and 120mm Fan
* Four +12V Rails
* PCI-E 6/8pin, SATA, EPS12V Ready