Toshiba B-SV4D Thermal Printer

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba B-SV4D Thermal Printer

Perfect for retail, ticketing, transportation, and hospitality applications, the B-SV4D delivers quality and performance that won't break the bank. This 4" wide direct  thermal barcode printer is full of features that outperforms other printers in its class.

Its rugged and attractive double-walled construction make the B-SV4D tough enough for transportation applications, yet attractive enough for retail environments. Featuring serial, parallel, and USB standard, the B-SV4D is capable of printing up to 5 inches per second.  The B-SV4D is backed by TOSHIBA TEC's standard 1-year warranty on parts and a 1-year or 1 million print inches warranty on the thermal head.

Day to day operation of the B-SV4D is user-friendly.  The clam-shell design makes loading media easy. A wide-open design grants easy access to the print head and platens, which can be replaced without the need for a screwdriver.

The B-SV4D has the following features:
Equipped with a 32-bit RISC processor, which offers up to 5 inches/sec. print speed.
A standard USB interface for convenient label printing connectivity.
The clamshell design and moveable media sensor enable easy media loading and use of a wide range of media.
All frequently used bar code formats are available in this printer. Fonts and bar codes can be printed in any rotation.
This printer provides a choice of six different type faces of alphanumeric font, and outline font printing capability.
The GS type is designed for batch issue and the GC type is for cut issue. Fitting the optional cutter unit to the GS type enables cut issue.
This is the most cost-effective and high performance printer in this class.

The overall advantages of the B-SV4D thermal printer
Small, durable, yet lightweight. (only 7.8"long /4.4 lbs.) which makes it a fraction of the weight of ink jet or laser printers.
Simple, rugged single roller mechanism to move the paper (stationary print head)
No messy ribbons or toner cartridges so printing never runs, smears or smudges.
Paper is the one and only consumable for the printer, no constant cartridge swapping after every print job.
Print cost is not based on a 5% print coverage like other printing methods. Printing a full page of black will be the same cost a page that has only 5% coverage.
Weather-resistant printing (water or extreme environments will not hinder the print image).
Can easily withstand harsh environments (hot, cold, or dusty).
Printing allows almost unlimited page lengths.
High resolution thermal head (203 dpi) for sharp character or images.
Uses Windows XP™ printer drivers or raw command language.

Suitable Applications
Transport and logistics, Express courier companies, Transportation companies Airports / Airplane companies, Railway organizations, Logistics centers / Warehousing companies, Post organizations, Retail, Supermarkets / Hypermarkets, Department stores, Specialized stores, Hospitality, Leisure (ticketing), Cinema / theatre, Museum, Entertainment parks, Sport centers / competitions, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals companies, Hospitals, Laboratories, Office