Toshiba B-SX Series RFID Ready Printer

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba B-SX Series RFID Ready Printer

TOSHIBA TEC announces the RFID READY B-SX Series Barcode Printers.

The B-SX series printers will soon provide users with an easy upgrade path to include RFID read / Write capability for both UHF and HF applications.

Toshiba TEC is pleased to say that the B-SX series printers have just got smarter. Renowned as one of the most powerful and flexible industrial printers available today, the addition of the RFID READY capability ensures the continuation of this reputation.

To take the risk out of buying printers that have pre fitted proprietary RFID read write units, the B-SX series printers can be fitted with modules from some of the best known names in the RFID field. Simply fitting an Antenna and plugging the module into the CPU will allow the printer to read, write and verify a variety of RFID smart labels.

Using the existing advanced capabilities of the B-SX series the ribbon save module (where fitted) in combination with Toshiba TEC's floating head technology can be used to lift the print head over the chip in the label reducing the risk of impact damage to the programmed chip.

For the user the B-SX series takes the mystery out of RFID by treating the addition of encoding as just another barcode. Simply by selecting the RFID Barcode in the windows driver or sending the command to the printer as part of a format, the printer will encode the data based on the module fitted and the chip detected.

Frequencies are available in 915MHz (USA), and 869.5 (EU) in the UHF range, and 13.56 in the HF range.