BenQ MP622 Projector

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BenQ MP622 Projector

BenQ knows it takes more than a lower-noise cooling fan to deliver quiet operation. That's why, from the design of the tiniest components to an advanced ventilation system, we engineer maximum operational quietness.

Designed in Every Detail
Silent Engineering means that we look everywhere for improvements. We've re-designed our color wheel for maximum absorption of noise and vibrations. We've also added a damper fixed between the MP622/622c's color wheel and bracket for added reduction in noise and vibration.

Anti-Vibration Equals Added Quietness
Inside, our quiet-running cooling fan also includes a noise-absorbing sponge while rubberized components dampen vibration that can cause noise. Outside, high elasticity rubber stops resonance with table tops in its tracks.

Low-Obstruction Ventilation Design
We've designed for a smoother flow of air through the MP622/622c. This lowers heat and allows exhaust fans to run at lower speeds for lower noise.

Enjoy Bringing the Colors of the World to Life
With BrlliantColor technology, colors come to life at the proper density and brightness. It's a breakthrough to have both color density and brightness. The MP622/622c's is built with advanced BrilliantColor technology from Texas Instruments that enables higher brightness levels by boosting mid-tone colors, resulting in more vibrant and more precisely rendered colors.

Unique Golden Ratio Color Wheelfor Perfect Color Matching
You've got to see this to believe it! With the BenQ unique Golden Ratio Color Wheel provides color matching:real, perfect color. Our specialized color wheel coating-advanced color coating technology- delivers better color saturation and expands the color gamut. Plus, sophisticated gamma adjustments reproduce colors precisely for the most vivid images you've ever seen.

3D Color Management
3D color management technology allow independent control of six colors' (R/G/B/C/M/K) hue and saturation levels to their optimum values, while adjusting color intensity for natural-looking visuals.

Wall Color Correction
Now, you don't have to worry about whether there is a white screen for your presentation. We've studied the most commonly used colors in the world of painting to develop easy-to-use wall color correction. Now, you can project on any background, even blackboard, with precise color performance.

Personal / Business Projector

- DLP Technology
- XGA Native
- 2700 Lumens
- Brilliant Color
- Filterless Design
- 4000 Lamp Hour(Eco Mode)