Canon REALiS SX800 LCOS Projector

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Canon REALiS SX800 LCOS Projector

Around the world, Canon products are synonymous with optical excellence, advanced image processing, and superb performance. Canon projectors are no exception. The family of Canon projectors includes the REALiS line of bright, high resolution, ultra-portable and affordable projectors. REALiS projectors combine the brilliance and sharpness of innovative LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) technology with Canon's proprietary AISYS light engine technology. The result is a unique set of advanced projectors that deliver exceptional image quality.

The REALiS SX800 is an affordable high-performance SXGA+ projector, providing outstanding image quality, resolution, and color reproduction, designed to meet the needs of users in corporate, educational, and specialized fields. This exceptional projector also features new, advanced third-generation AISYS technology - with improved light efficiency, uniformity, and expanded color space for extremely accurate color reproduction, delivering razor-sharp images.

Native SXGA+ Resolution (1400 x 1050)
To match the increasing demand for high-resolution display technology, the REALiS SX800 features high-resolution SXGA+, perfect for displaying crisp video, photographs, fine text, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and engineering diagrams. Compared to SXGA, it offers a larger display range, capable of reproducing even the smallest details with razor-sharp precision. In addition, the SX800 supports data produced on your widescreen laptop, projecting the entire screen in its true proportions, just as it appears on your screen.

AISYS with LCOS Technology
At the heart of the REALiS SX800 projector is Canon's exclusive AISYS Optical Engine, a patented optical light engine that achieves optimum brightness and contrast, in addition to reducing the projector's size. AISYS also features Liquid Crystal On Silicon panels, known as LCOS.

Genuine Canon Optics
The REALiS SX800's 1.5x zoom lens suppresses the distortion of images to the maximum extent. Made possible by a lens design technology Canon has accumulated in the past, the new SX800 is able to deliver high-resolution with minimal ghosting and flare, resulting in brighter images with superior color reproduction.

The lens also features a 10:0 lens offset, which maintains the lower edge of projected images. The lower edge of the projected image matches the optical axis of the lens. This permits projection of high-quality images without the deterioration in image quality caused by keystone correction.

You can easily change the screen size to accommodate various venues and/or applications. It is now easier to set up the projector perpendicular to the screen without having to tilt the projector, or use the keystone correction.

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