Mitsubishi XD95U XGA Projector

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Mitsubishi XD95U XGA Projector

Now our micro-portable XGA projector is more compact than ever. With a footprint of only 7.5" by 8.1"  and weighing only 3.3 lbs, the new XD95U DLP® mobile projector is a convenient combination of compact size and excellent image quality for road warriors. This multimedia projector is great for mobile sales staff or trainers conducting small meetings for education, business, government, or house of worship.

The Perfect Multimedia Projector for Presenters On-the-Move
An easy-to-carry companion to your laptop, this XGA projector delivers a native 1024x 768 resolution at up to 200" diagonal size. Its 2200 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 contrast rating, and DLP technology project clear, bright images, even in rooms with ambient light.

Simple and Versatile XGA Projector Setup
Look at these features that simplify your life on the road:

* Project without a screen on blackboards, whiteboards or colored walls (beige, light blue, light green, or pink)
* High Altitude mode to adjusts fan speed and other necessary settings to ensure proper projector operation even in high altitude environments
* Password Lock security to help prevent any unauthorized use of the projector
* Auto Power off energy-saving function automatically switches the unit power to off when no input signal is being received for a set time
* Quick Cooling with this time-saving feature, conventional power off projector cool down time is shortened by two-thirds

The Mobile Projector That's Ready to Go When You Are
Need to move on quickly when you're done? The Quick Cool feature enables you to shut it down, pick it up, and be on your way in two-thirds less time. This mobile projector even turns itself off when an input source is no longer detected, saving you projector lamp hours and extending the life of your projector.

Always Great Mitsubishi Value
With up to 3,000 hours of lamp life (low mode), this multimedia projector carries a 3-year parts and labor warranty, 3-years on Mitsubishi's exclusive Express Replacement Assistance (ERA) program, and filter-free design will you'll get trouble-free operation for the long haul.


Compact and Light Weight: Easy to transport.
High Altitude mode: Adjusts fan speed and other necessary settings to ensure proper projector operation even in high
Quick Shut Down: Quick power down, no waiting period, easy to move from location to location.
Security Features: Compatible Kensington lock slot; Password lockout capability which protects the projector from unauthorized use.
Filter-Free: No filter required, resistant to dust and dirt, no clogged filters. Reduced maintenance fees.
Auto Off Function: Automatically turns off when no input is detected for a period of time power saving benefit as well a preventing the possibilities of overheating if user forgets to turn off.
Wall Screen: Ability to project images on color backgrounds such as beige, light blue, light green, pink, blackboard and whiteboard. Projector automatically adjusts for color tone.

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