Sony CFD-ZW755 3-Piece CD/Radio/Cassette Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony CFD-ZW755 3-Piece CD/Radio/Cassette Recorder

Keep the dance floor grooving at your next house party with the CFD-ZW755 three-piece boombox. This portable stereo features a dual stereo cassette deck, a digital synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner, Mega Bass® sound system and 4 pattern electronic sound mode. Integrated loop provides continuous repeat of a few seconds of music, while flash provides intermittent sound play of music.

Remote Control-2
provides full function remote control on power on/off, compact disc, tuner and volume, as well as 10-key direct access of CD tracks and tuner presets.

Dual Stereo Cassette Deck
provides for convenient tape dubbing and editing as well as direct recording from the AM/FM stereo tuner or the CD player (Deck B) and lets you play your own stereo cassettes and prerecorded stereo tapes (Decks A and B).

Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner
provides the most accurate drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from the wide variety of radio talk shows and music programs, with the added enjoyment of stereo sound.

Mega Bass® Sound System
produces rich, deep, bass tones for more powerful overall sound.

4 Pattern Electronic Sound Mode (Rock/Pop/Jazz/Vocal)
is selected when EQ appears on the LCD display, allowing you to select an appropriate sound adjustment setting for listening to a variety of different types of music.

CD Player with 1 Bit D/A Converter
uses advanced technology for more accurate playback and the most natural distortion-free CD sound.

is a special-and fun-sound effects feature for CD play; Loop continuously repeats a few seconds of music; Flash provides intermittent sound play of music; the effects are excellent for enhancing player-participant games and parties with music.

20 Track RMS
can pre-program up to 20 tracks on a compact disc to play in any order.

Clock/Sleep Timer
lets you fall asleep or wake to CD or radio.

Synchronized CD/Cassette Dubbing
after cassette recording begins, CD playback starts.

Full Auto Stop
in Record, Play, Fast Forward and Rewind modes prevents needless battery drain and component wear.