Sony ICF-CD543RM Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony ICF-CD543RM Kitchen CD Clock Radio

The perfect addition to your kitchen-the ICF-CD543RM CD/AM/FM/TV band/weather band kitchen clock radio. This all-in-one clock radios features an under-the-cabinet interior design style, a space-saving look with silver accents, a built-in dynamic bass reflex sound system, CD-R/RW playback1 and a 4-band digital synthesized tuner (AM/FM/TV/weather). Use the 25 random memory presets, CD play modes (shuffle-repeat/repeat-1/repeat all) and easy set kitchen timer to make cooking to music simple and fun. In addition, the magnetic multi-function remote control can be used as a refrigerator magnet so you will always know exactly where to find it.

Under Cabinet Interior Design Style
Bring a multi-media entertainment center into your kitchen while saving preciuos space by mounting under a cabinet.

Space-Saving Slim Look
Fits perfectly into your kitchen without intruding into shelf or storage space.

Built-In Dynamic Bass Reflex Sound System
Enhances reproduction of rich bass tones for a more enjoyable listening experience.

4 Band Digital Synthesized Tuner (AM/FM/TV/Weather)
Accurate drift-free tuning of all available radio stations, plus audio from TV channels 2-13, and up to the minute weather from your local Weather Band broadcasts.

Magnetic Multi-Function Remote Control
Gives you convenient remote control over the unit's functions and has a refrigerator magnet on the back to avoid misplacing it.

25 Random Memory Presets
Gives you convenient one-button tuning of up to 10 of your favorite FM and 5 AM radio stations along with 5 TV channels and 5 weather frequencies.

CD-R/RW Playback
A great companion for your music. This model plays most compact discs including CD-R/RW as well as your own compilations from a CD recorder deck or PC.

CD Play Modes (All Shuffle/Shuffle-Repeat/Repeat-1/Repeat All)
Listen to CD tracks in multiple modes: in sequence as recorded, all tracks in random (Shuffle), repeat all tracks in random order, a single track repeat or all track repeat.

Convenient CD Front Loading Design
Allows for fast, easy access to the compact disc.

2 Position Mega Bass® Control
Reproduces rich, powerful bass tones for a more exciting and enjoyable listening experience.

Easy Set Kitchen Timer
Eliminates the need for an additional timer unit for food preparation or other purposes. Automatically alerts you to the time you set.

Easy to Clean
The front surface is easy to wipe clean, so you can keep this special entertainment appliance as neat as the kitchen itself.