Panasonic AJ-D455 DVCPRO VTR

Panasonic Updated: 2007-07-01
Panasonic AJ-D455 DVCPRO VTR

•  First DVCPRO VTR to record/playback in both standard DV and Mini-DV.
•  Plays back Mini and standard DVCAM tapes
•  184 minute recording/playback of DVCPRO video
•  276 minute recording/playback of Large DV-format video, mini DV with AJ-CS455 adaptor
•  Digital still and digital slow-motion playback at up to ±1/2X normal speed
•  Two 16 bit/48 kHz digital AES/EBU audio channels, with input level control
•  High-speed 60X search with search image in full color
•  DVCPRO control track permits intelligent tape handling
•  Digital audio in/out level adjustment (AES/EBU, SDI or IEEE 1394)
•  Optional SDI interface
•  Optional DVCPRO/DV terminal IEEE 1394 interface
•  Built-in SMPTE time code generator/reader
•  9-pin serial remote (RS-422A) terminal permits VTR to be used with external editing controller for +/-0 frame editing
•  25-pin RS-232 remote control interface
•  Analog component/composite/s-video and audio in/out
•  Channel condition indicator for viewing actual conditions
•  On-screen menu display
•  Compact 4U size

Standard   NTSC
Media Format   Record: DVCPRO, DV, Mini-DV; Playback: DVCPRO, DV, Mini-DV, DVCAM
Sampling Frequency   Y: 13.5 MHz, Pb/Pr: 3.375 MHz
Quantization   8-bit
Recording Format   DVCPRO 25, DV25 (480i)
Playback Format   480i
Variable Speed Playback   +.43 to -.43
Audio   2 channels, 48 kHz, 16-bit, XLR x 2, AES/EBU x 1 XLR
Analog Component   Input/Output, 1 set (BNC)
Analog Composite   2 inputs/loop (BNC), 3 outputs (BNC), 1 monitor
Analog Y/C (S-Video)   Input/Output, 4-pin
SDI   Optional (2 BNC)
IEEE 1394 Interface   Optional
Remote Control Interface   RS-422, RS-232, Encoder Remote
Timecode   SMPTE, T/C input/output, BNCs
DC Operation   No
LCD Screen   No
Jog/Shuttle Knob   No