Panasonic AJ-HPM100 P2 HD Mobile Recorder/Player

Panasonic Updated: 2007-07-01
Panasonic AJ-HPM100 P2 HD Mobile Recorder/Player

The P2 Mobile is a portable, rugged DVCPRO solid-state memory recorder/player that is ideal for ENG, field production and postproduction applications. An enhancement to P2's efficient workflow, the P2 Mobile features multi-format recording and playback with a six-slot P2 card reader, versatile inputs/outputs (HD-SDI, IEEE 1394, USB 2.0), an SD memory card slot, job/shuttle dial and up/down/cross conversion between 1080i and 720p and between high definition and standard definition formats. Plus, the P2 Mobile combines professional editing controls with audio faders, a 9-inch widescreen LCD monitor with stereo speakers, and a compact, magnesium die-cast body. It's a versatile and powerful mobile recording/editing solution for field recording (including pool feeds) and video production, as well as for use in mobile vans or in desktop non-linear/linear editing systems.

The P2 Mobile supports flexible compression options, including both DVCPRO HD/50/25 and the new AVC-Intra codec (an optional board to be available in Summer 2007). The AVC-Intra Codec Board offers highly efficient encoding and more recording time (twice the recording time on a P2 card) with superb image quality. The AVC Codec will offer two modes: AVC-Intra 100 Mbps for higher-end, full-bit HD quality and AVC-Intra 50 Mbps, for storage efficient operation with high image quality. All of this with infra-frame compression, eliminating long GOP editing difficulties.

With its extensive functionality and multiple-format video capabilities, the P2 Mobile is the "bridge" product that allows you to work in both the AV and IT worlds, high definition or standard definition, bridging the gap between the P2 file format and baseband video. The P2 Mobile's "bridge" capabilities enable P2 to excel in projects that require multiple video, audio, IEEE 1394, RS-422 serial control for NLE connections, and can take advantage of USB 2.0 to connect with industry-standard disk drives for consolidation of P2 card content.

The best solution for on-the-go recording/editing/playback in high definition (ideal for play list and cuts-only editing, transferring and copying P2 content, backup recording for live broadcasts and playback for transmission via satellite back to the broadcast facility).

•  Records in 1080i and 720p in DVCPRO/DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO HD with Up/Down/Cross conversion for playback (records 192 minutes in DVCPRO; 96 minutes in DVCPRO50; 48 minutes in DVCPRO HD). Also plays 24p content shot with the AG-HVX200 for extended record times (20 minutes of DVCPRO HD content can be recorded on a 8GB P2 card when shot in 720/24pn).
•  Six card slots allow you to record a continuous, extended clip in sequence onto six P2 cards. Or use five of the P2 slots for recording and use the sixth slot to output an edited playlist.
•  Eight 16-bit digital audio channels with 5.1-channel surround sound.
•  A multitude of broadcast-level interfaces -- switchable HD/SD SDIs, IEEE 1394 (AVC), USB 2.0, analog, composite, HD component and four-channel analog audio. If you're shooting in HD, but need to connect to an SD or analog monitor, the P2 Mobile has all the inputs and outputs you need. Its USB input/output makes it easy to copy all or select clips to a disk drive simple. Connection of multiple devices is simple and creating dailies copies with time code for screenings is a snap.
•  Expedite editing by scrolling through thumbnail previews to view and edit clips immediately
•  Audio Split/Voice Over functions are standard
•  Shuttle search at 100X normal speed in forward or reserve and jog search within a range of -1X to +1X speed.
•  Great for back-up recording via IEEE 1394 for the AG-HVX200 hand-held, AJ-HDX900 shoulder-mount and AJ-HDC27 VariCam DVCPRO HD camcorders or other tape-based cameras.
•  Folds flat for easy transport and storage (weight: 14.4 pounds)
•  AC/DC operation