Sanyo TRC-3690 Minicassette Recorder

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-21
Sanyo TRC-3690 Minicassette Recorder

TRC-3690 Features

Sanyos unique rim drive system for stable operation
Voice Activated recording
Cue/tone index system
Easy-top operate slide control
One-touch recording
Cue/review for easy material location
Safety lock switch
LED recording indicator
Built-in condenser microphone and speaker
Rechargeable capable
Operates on DC 3 volts - 2 AA batteries (not incl.) or with optional AC adaptor
Accessories included: handstrap, carrying case and minicassette (MC-40)

TRC-3690 Specificatons
Minicassette Recorder "Mini Talk Book"
Model Number TRC-3690
Recording System DC Bias
Erasing System Magnetic erase
Tape Speed 3.09 cm/sec.
Fast Forward/ Rewind Time 620 sec. (MC-40 tape)/
135 sec. (MC-40 tape)
Wow and Flutter 1.5% WRMS
Frequency Response 400 — 4,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 30 dB
Output Power 200 mW (max.)
Power Source DC 3 V
2 AA batteries, car battery or external DC
Loud Speaker 40 mm dia., 4 ohms
Terminals Ext. microphone jack
Remote control jack
External speaker jack
Ext. DC jack
Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) 66 x 135 x 29 mm
Unit Weight 185 g