Epson Expression 1680 Special Edition Scanner

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Epson Expression 1680 Special Edition Scanner

The remarkable 1600 dpi, 48-bit scanner for graphic arts professionals.

A remarkable breakthrough in high quality imaging, the Epson Expression® 1680 is Epson's first 1600 x 3200 dpi flatbed scanner to feature 48-bit color and a 3.6 Dmax. Optimized to deliver enhanced colors, subtle highlights, and sharp shadow detail, this affordable scanner sets a new standard in image quality.

The Epson Expression 1680 blazes through each scan with reliable performance and minimum noise. Our exclusive ColorTrue® II Imaging System and MatrixCCD™ technology combine custom optics, a xenon lamp, Dynamic Range Control, and superior image processing.

With the highest price/performance ratio in its category, this durable unit is perfect for busy graphics professionals and photographers. Quickly and accurately, it delivers extraordinary results with virtually any original, from reflective media up to 8.5" x 11.7" and 35mm to 8" x 10" transparencies (optional transparency unit required). Its quick-and-easy batch scanning capabilities help your customers increase productivity, while its Dual-Focus Mechanism, in combination with its custom film holders, eliminates "Newton Ring" problems.

The scanner supports both USB and SCSI connectivity. And, with the optional high-speed FireWire® interface, it's compatible with both the Power Mac™ G4 and the latest PCs. The Epson Expression 1680-Special Edition includes the EpsonScan scanning software and an electronic reference guide.

Free shipping applies only to Ground shipping - other options available at regular shipping rates. There are no returns on refurbished items except if product arrives defective, in which case, we will provide a replacement with the same model or equivalent. This unit may not include the same software as new models.

* 1600 x 3200 dpi optical resolution
* Exceptional dynamic range (up to 3.6 Dmax for transparency scanning with optional transparency adapter)
* Dual-Focus Mechanism
* High-speed scans and previews
* USB and SCSI connectivity with optional FireWire® interface

Features & Benefits

1600 x 3200 dpi optical resolution
* Delivers remarkable resolution and extraordinary image quality

ColorTrue II Imaging System and true 48-bit color depth
* Produces smooth gradations and outstanding color reproduction
* Captures over 281 trillion colors (48-bit) and 65,536 shades of gray (16-bit)

Exceptional dynamic range
* Up to 3.6 Dmax for transparency scanning (with optional transparency adapter)
* Accurately scans each image
* Provides enhanced highlights and subtle shadow detail from transparencies
* Provides intelligent negative scanning for 35mm film strips

Dual-Focus Mechanism
* Works with custom film holders to eliminate "Newton Rings" for clear, sharp results every time

High-speed scans and previews
* Offers high speed image processing for increased productivity
* Creates full color preview in as little as 10 seconds
* Scans a 35mm slide at 1600 dpi in approximately 65 seconds
* Scans an 8.5" x 11" color photo at 300 dpi in approximately 23 seconds

USB and SCSI connectivity with optional FireWire® interface
* Provides trouble-free setup and installation for Windows® and Macintosh® systems