Visioneer OneTouch 9420 USB Scanner

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Visioneer OneTouch 9420 USB Scanner

Visioneer wrote the book on ease-of-use. Our revolutionary OneTouch technology simplifies the way people use a scanner. The OneTouch buttons are pre-configured for common scanning tasks so you get great results within minutes of opening the box. Button settings can be customized to unleash even more power for advanced users. The Visioneer OneTouch 9420 USB is blazing fast. The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 logo is your assurance that the OneTouch 9420 USB transfers data to your computer up to 40 times faster than a USB 1.1 scanner yet the OneTouch 9420 is fully compatible with USB 1.1.

Superb Image Quality
48-bit color capability recognizes over 281 trillion colors. 48-bit scanners capture more detail in the shadow and highlight areas of an image than their 42-bit predecessors, so you'll get brighter yellows, richer reds, cooler blues, and everything between.

High Resolution
4800 dpi optical resolution eliminates jagged edges and captures the finest detail from your original.

Powerful Scanning of 35mm Slides and Negatives
The Visioneer OneTouch 9420 USB includes a built-in backlight and film holder for scanning 35mm slides and negatives. Archive old photos from negatives for higher quality.

Easy to Use
Just press a OneTouch button to scan and send an image to the destination of your choice. While intelligent default button settings give perfect results on common scanning tasks, the OneTouch preferences utility makes it simple to customize the buttons.

Nuance PaperPort
The world's best-selling document and image management application creates thumbnails of everything you scan allowing easy filing in color-coded folders. Nuance's Optical Character Recognition engine is built-in to PaperPort so you can easily use the scanner's OCR button to scan printed text directly into your word processor where it is fully editable.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression
ArcSoft softwares offer the perfect combination of power and simplicity so you can do more with your photos. From quick corrections to creative editing, you can easily achieve high quality results. Whether you scan traditional photos, slides or negatives, PhotoImpression make digital imaging a breeze. PhotoImpression™ is an easy-to-use photo editing and creative design program that allows you to edit and retouch your photos.

4800dpi, 48-bit color
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Interface
Built-In 35mm Transparency Adapter
Arcsoft PhotoImpression software
Visioneer SKU Number: 94201D-WU

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