Visioneer Patriot 480 Scanner

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Visioneer Patriot 480 Scanner

There's a lot about the Patriot 480 that will make it your favorite desktop device. This latest Patriot is packed with features that will change how you look at and manage paper documents and information. The Patriot 480 is the fastest, most technologically advanced and easiest to use document scanner in its class.

Healthcare and Financial Markets
The federal health information privacy law, requires healthcare admission offices to keep patient information confidential. This includes patient ID and insurance information, which can now be easily scanned and securely filed in a single step with little or no training all. The Patriot Act requires ID card capture for all new accounts at financial institutions. Again the Patriot 480 provides the right features and performance for both vertical markets.

Work Easier
The Patriot 480 is powered by Visioneer OneTouch technology to scan documents to up to nine preset, yet completely configurable destinations. This means that with the touch of a button, your document is scanned with the proper settings for resolution, color, duplex, auto-crop, auto-straighten, file format, and then delivered to virtually any application, folder or device. Imagine the workflow possibilities of delivering paper in a searchable PDF format to email or Microsoft SharePoint or a custom web application for your enterprise, all at the touch of a button. This is not only a productivity gain but greatly reduces the training requirements for scanner users, further helping your ROI.

Work Flexible
Sometimes in document scanning you don't know what's coming at you. Clean laser quality pages today, but tomorrow there may be multicolored forms, embossed ID cards, varying sizes of paper, 3-hole punches. The Patriot 480 handles it all. The 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF) makes short work out of any stack of paper of varying size. The front feed tray accommodates scanning plastic ID cards, common in healthcare and financial service applications. The Patriot 480 employs a front feed mechanism that not only increases ID card scanning efficiency, but drastically improves roller wear and makes it an extremely cost-effective solution for regulatory compliance.

Work Smarter
SMART DOUBLE FEED DETECTION™ is built into the Patriot 480 so that you'll never miss a page due to a stapled document going through your scanner or a misfeed.

Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan) is integrated into your scanner so that you get perfect scans from imperfect originals. VRS also eliminates the need to rescan documents through automatic cropping, straightening, brightness control and edge cleanup. And because all this is integrated into Visioneer OneTouch, this and your entire scanning operation is accomplished at the touch of a button. In the end, paper becomes information and flows through the enterprise under your control.

Kofax VRS technology
The Patriot 480 integrates Kofax VRS image enhancement technology into the OneTouch scanning process. Imperfect originals are automatically turned into perfect scans that are easier to read for the human eye and the computer's eye. OCR results are dramatically improved, file size is decreased and scans look as clear as the originals. And every page is custom corrected automatically so you can batch together clean, laser quality documents with your imperfect originals. The results are amazing!

Scans ID Cards from Front feed tray
Scan documents at 38 pages ppm and 76 ipm* in duplex
Visioneer OneTouch scanning to sPDF, Microsoft SharePoint
Kofax VRS delivers perfect scans from imperfect originals
AutoCrop and AutoStraighten
Searchable PDF files make scanned documents searchable by content
Visioneer SKU Number: P4801D-WU

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