BlackBerry Smart Card Reader

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BlackBerry Smart Card Reader

Security-conscious organizations that use smart cards can ensure the same high level of security and convenience in their smartphone communications, thanks to the BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader. The reader enhances the already robust security delivered by your organization's BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, v3.6 or higher.Wearable, lightweight and capable of operating for weeks on a single charge, the reader is designed to combine user convenience with advanced security. Carried on a handy lanyard, it uses Bluetooth® technology to provide quick and convenient access to the BlackBerry device through an AES-356 encryption overlay, meeting strict public sector and IT industry requirements. System administrators enjoy complete wireless management of security key lifetimes through the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. And the Reader works with all Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry devices, and all ISO 7816 compliant smart cards, including 3V and 5V - it even provides out-of-the-box support for CACs (common-access cards) and DataKay/Safenet 330 cards. Using the published BlackBerry Smart Card APIs, third parties will be able to implement support for any card.


* BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software v 3.6 and higher
* All Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry devices
* All ISO 7816 compliant smart cards
* Out of the box support for common access cards (CACs) and DataKey/Safenet 330 cards, 3V and 5V smart cards
* Third parties able to implement support for any card using the published BlackBerry Smart Card APIs


* BlackBerry 7100g
* BlackBerry 7100i
* BlackBerry 7100r
* BlackBerry 7100t
* BlackBerry 7100v
* BlackBerry 7100x
* BlackBerry 7105t
* BlackBerry 7130c
* BlackBerry 7130e
* BlackBerry 7130g
* BlackBerry 7130v
* BlackBerry 7250
* BlackBerry 7290
* BlackBerry 7520
* BlackBerry 8100
* BlackBerry 8100 (White)
* BlackBerry 8100 (Red)
* BlackBerry 8300
* BlackBerry 8700c
* BlackBerry 8700f
* BlackBerry 8700g
* BlackBerry 8700r
* BlackBerry 8700v
* BlackBerry 8703e
* BlackBerry 8707v
* BlackBerry 8707g
* BlackBerry 8707h
* BlackBerry 8800
* BlackBerry 8830