D-Link DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-06 RSS
D-Link DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit

The DHA-310 is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use Internet camera surveillance solution that allows you to monitor any room in your house from anywhere over the Internet. The DHA-310 is an expansion kit that can be added to your existing DHA-390 starter kit, thus adding more Internet cameras to your surveillance system. The DHA-310 uses Powerline networking, which connects the Internet camera to your home network using your house's electrical wiring, eliminating the need to run networking cables across your home. Furthermore, this Internet camera uses a single cable to both receive power and connect to the Powerline adapter, allowing you to place the camera anywhere in your home. The D-Life™ zero-configuration setup gets you up and running in no time – just connect the DHA-310, then register the device on the D-Life website. The DHA-310 will then automatically configure itself, connect to the D-Life service and is ready to use.

Setting up the DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit is easy – plug in the Powerline adapter and connect it to the Internet camera, then register the device at the D-Life website. The DHA-310's auto-provisioning configures itself to run behind your internet gateway router and connects to the D-Life service for controlling/viewing. Powerline networking lets you place the Internet camera near any power outlet, eliminating the need to run networking cables across your home.

Watch video feed or view the status of your camera(s) anytime from anywhere over the Internet, whether you are at home or at the office – just sign in to the D-Life website. D-Life users can view/control up to 4 different cameras simultaneously. You can also share access to your camera feed with other D-Life users.

The DHA-310 Internet Surveillance Camera Expansion Kit comes bundled with the D-Life™ surveillance service, which allows viewing, sharing, and takes snapshots when motion is detected by the Internet camera. Snapshots are saved to a secure D-Life server, which allows you to access your motion-triggered snapshots even if your home PC is damaged or stolen. In fact, the DHA-310 works when your home PC is turned off, meaning that D-Life surveillance continues to keep watch over your home.


* View and manage your camera remotely over the Internet
* Camera functions without PC turned on
* Records motion-triggered snapshots that are saved to a secure D-Life server
* Receive instant e-mail notifications of motion-triggered events
* Share access to your camera with friends and family
* 0.5 lux CMOS sensor can capture video in low-light environments
* Built-in microphone lets you hear what's happening
* Adjustable, mountable stand allows you to place and position your camera anywhere
* Uses auto-provisioning for zero-configuration network setup
* PowerLine networking allows you to place camera by any power outlet
* Camera powered and networked through a single cable for easy installation
* Easily expand your network by adding a DHA-310 Expansion Kit to your DHA-390 Starter Kit