Sanyo VCC-9684VW High Resolution Camera

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Sanyo VCC-9684VW High Resolution Camera

* 540 TV Line Resolution Featuring SANYO's DSP circuitry and a high performance 1/4-inch CCD for horizontal resolution of more than 540 TV lines and superior color reproduction. Sharp, crisp images are delivered for greater precision in surveillance under a varied range of conditions.

* Built-in Varifocal Type Auto-iris Lens (F0.95 to 1.7, f = 2.8 to 8.0 mm)

* High Sensitivity, Minimum Required Illumination Minimum required illumination of 0.2 lx (20 IRE) or 0.5 lx (50 IRE) with F0.95 lens at high gain.

* Mounts Easily on Both Walls and Ceilings

* Simplified Settings

* Electronic Shutter Setting

* Intelligent Backlight Compensation Features two selectable backlight compensation modes: multi-spot metering (applied to the whole screen) and center-zone metering (applied to the central portion only).

* Built-in Electronic Shutter A high-speed electronic shutter that is internally switchable for eight modes using a DIP switch allows adjustment increments from 1/60 to 1/2,000 sec.

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