Sanyo VCC-WB2000 Network Video Camera

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-18
Sanyo VCC-WB2000 Network Video Camera

VCC-WB2000 - Discontinued

* Professional Imaging Performance
o 1/3 High Resolution 480 TVL CCD
o Sensitivity of 1 Lux (F1.2)
* JPEG 2000 Video Compression
* 5-step Resolution
* 30 FPS max @ 640x480 Resolution
* Easy Connectivity
o LAN/WAN/Internet Control
o Built-in Server
o DSL Compatible
o Dial-up Compatible (with VA-SW2000 Network Archiving Software)
o Wireless LAN Compatible (IEEE802.11b)
o Browser Based Control (IE 5.5 sp2 or above)
o JPEG 2000 Plug-in Software Bundled with Camera
* Built-in Intelligent Motion Detection
* 16 Mb of Internal Memory for Pre & Post Alarm Storage
* PCMCIA Slot for Additional On-board Memory or Wireless LAN
* Simultaneous Ethernet and Composite Video Output