HP BladeSystem bc2200 Blade PC

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HP BladeSystem bc2200 Blade PC

The HP BladeSystem bc2200 Blade PC delivers the performance and scalability of a dedicated PC and the security, manageability, and lower costs of server-based computing with a low 25W per blade maximum power consumption for lower energy costs.


Dedicated user experience:
Dedicated PC resources help ensure that each professional maintains full productivity despite varying work loads

Simplified integration through included Citrix XenDesktop License:
Use the Citrix XenDesktop license included with each Blade PC to easily integrate them into your environment. Brokering the Blade PCs is handled by the Citrix DDC and the high performance Citrix Receiver insures great dedicated PC performance for the end user.

Enhanced security:
Meet your corporate security requirements and enable standards compliance and disaster recovery by centralizing data in the data center; reduce the risk of loss or theft associated with data distributed on desktop and notebook PCs

Centralized management:
Gives IT administrators complete control of desktop users with quick, remote configuration and allocation of new blade PCs, control of hardware and software configurations, rapid restart, and a broad range of HP management tools

Flexibility and scalability:
Allocate blades to users or groups, combine with hardware in a total virtualization solution; meet performance needs with predictable power increments and costs, and enable users to work in the building or across the globe

Desktop performance:
Next-generation AMD processor supports increasingly powerful applications, memory up to 8 GB supports 64-bit Windows Vista® Business and Linux®, and 80 GB hard drives speed processes and increase productivity

Designed with the environment in mind:
Reduce your power usage per professional to as low as 25W, with the efficient low-power HP bc2200; new 90% efficient power supplies help you maximize your energy dollar