Tyan Tank TA26 B5397 Server

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Tyan Tank TA26 B5397 Server

This powerful 2U server barebone features a high speed PCI-E Gen 2 (x16) expansion slot and supports dual 45nm Intel Xeon processors operating at up to 1600MHz front side bus speed.  Designed to fit into a HPC, Datacenter, or Virtualization Server environment and for running the most memory intensive applications, this highly integrated system is capable of supporting up to sixteen (16) DDR2 FBDIMMs and eight 3.5" HDDs.  Providing more than just performance, power and application capabilities, the Tank TA26 (B5397), is the next-generation server solution that provides more system reliability and scalability; enabling you to go after more business opportunities than you could before.


- TYAN S5397
- SSI / Extended ATX (12" x 13")

- Dual LGA771 sockets
- Supports up to the Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5100 series, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5300 Series, Harpertown, and Wolfdale-DP processor

- Intel® "Seaburg" MCH +6321ESB chipset
- Supports for 1066/1333/1600 MT/s system bus
- Winbond 83627HF Super I/O chip

- Sixteen (16) 240-pin DDR2 FBDIMM sockets on board
- Maximum of 64GB DDR2-533/ 667/800

Expansion Slots
- One (1) PCI Express x16 slots(w/ x16 PCI-Gen2 signals) from MCH
- One (1) PCI Express x8 slot(w/ x4 signals)
- One (1) PCI Express x16 slots(w/ x16 PCI-E Gen2 signals) from MCH
- Two (2) PCI-X 133/100MHz slots
- One (1) PCI 32/33MHz slot
- Support total 6 low-profile expansion cards

- PCI Interface
- 32MB DDR2 memory

Server Management
- Automatic fan speed control
- Chassis intrusion alert
- Support Tyan Server Management(TSM)
- Option TYAN SMDC M3295-2/M3296, IPMI v2.0 compliant remote server management kit (Note: SMDC will be supported on S5397 R03 and beyond.)

- Phoenix BIOS® on 8Mbit Flash ROM
- Support APM 1.2, ACPI 1.0b
- Serial Console Redirect
- PXE via Ethernet, USB device boot
- PnP, DMI 2.0, WfM 2.0 Power Management
- User-configurable H/W monitoring
- Auto-configuration of hard disk types
- Multiple boot options
- 48-bit LBA support

- One Intel® "Gilgal" (82563EB) PHY
- Direct link to ESB2
- Two Gigabit LAN ports
- Two front panel LED pin headers


- Industry 2U rack-mountable chassis
- Storage bay: (8) 3.5" HDD bays; (1) slim line ODD bay
- Dimension: D 26x W 16.7 x H 3.4 inch (660x423x87mm)

Power Supply
- EPS 12V, 2U, 700W high efficiency power supply (80+) with PFC for B5397T26W8H

Back I/O Ports
- One Keyboard & One PS/2 Mouse ports
- One USB 2.0 ports
- One 15-pin VGA port
- One 9-pin serial port
- Two RJ-45x2 LAN ports +One RJ-45

Front Panel Features
- I/O: (2) USB 2.0 ports
- LED indicators: Power LED; (2) LAN LEDs; HDD Active LED; ID LED; Warning LED
- Switch: Power; Reset; ID

Storage Controller
- SATA Controller: (4) SATA2 ports from Intel ESB2; Integrated RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 support
- SAS Controller: LSI® 1068E SAS controller with PCI-E x 8
- interface: (2) Mini SAS (4 in 1)connectors; RAID 0, 1 and 1E support

Storage Backplane:
- One (1) 8-port SAS backplane, supporting up to 8 SAS HDDs or SATA HDDs