Alpine SWR-M100 Subwoofer

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Alpine SWR-M100 Subwoofer

No sound system is complete without the perfect sub for complimentary bass. Don't deprive your boat from the absolute best sound you can get. Alpine presents the SWR-M100, a 10-inch marine subwoofer part of the all-new marine lineup.

The SWR-M100's high excursion capabilities mean deep, high-output bass for great on-water performance, no matter where it is installed!

* 300W RMS/ 900W Peak
* 4Ohm Impedance
* High Excursion for deep, high output bass
* Infinite Baffle Design for widest application
* Custom high-strength polypropylene frame
* High AMplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround (Pat. Pend)
* CRC Motor Structure (Patented)
* Thermal Management System
* Integrated Insert & Spade Terminals
* Hidden Screw Mounting & Grille Design
* Waterproof Rubber Mounting Gasket Included


* Material: Molded Polypropylene
* Design: 2-Piece Structural Parabolic

* Material: Injection Molded Sanoprene
* Design: High Amplitude Multi-Roll

* Material: Nomex
* Design: Progressive

Voice Coil
* Material: High Temp. Copper Wire on TIL Former
* Design: 4-Layer Single Voice Coil

Motor Structure
* Pole Geometry: Compound Radius Curve
* Configuration: Airflow Management System

* Material: Injection Molded Polypropylene
* Design: Custom High Strength 5-Leg

* Layout: One Side
* Design: 2-Way, Insert & Quick-Connect Terminals

Tinsel Leads
* Design: 16ga. Stranded Leads, Insulated

* Design: Rubber Mounting Gasket


Power Handling
* CEA-2006 Power Rating: 300 Watts
* RMS Power Handling: 300 Watts
* Peak Power Handling: 900 Watts

* Mounting Depth: 144.72 mm (5-11/16'')
* Mounting Diameter: 229 mm (9-1/32'')
* Displacement: 0.083ft cu. ft. (Front Mount)
* Added Volume: 0.055 cu. ft. (Reverse Mount, Magnet Out)

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