Altec Lansing Nobi Speaker

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Altec Lansing Nobi Speaker

Speakers on both sides project crystal-clear sound 360°

Sound clarity with depth
Excellent musicality is powered by acoustic tayloring.

360-degree sound field
Integrates a cone design with a custom-built Altec Lansing speaker to project sound in all directions.

Nokia XpressMusic compatible
Use the Nokia inbox adapter included with your phone to connect to the nobi, when not in use, the nobi cable and connector neatly dock.

Long battery life
Plays for more than 18 hours on 3 AAA batteries.

The rugged nobi is durable enough for the most intrepid traveler.

Now, wherever your Nokia XpressMusic mobile phone goes, great sound goes too. The new nobi is a compact, lightweight speaker system that lets you play music on your mobile phone out loud. With surprisingly good sound. Anytime. Anywhere. Stash the nobi in a bag or pocket. Its full-bodied sound will make you wonder where the speakers are. And its long battery life means you can listen deep into your playlist. So forget about your headphones. Plug in the nobi, crank up the music, and be amazed.