Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II

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Bose Panaray System Digital Controller II

The Panaray® system digital controller II consolidates equalization into one central source, eliminating the need for EQ cards or separate equalizers. Push-button control and an easy-to-read 2 x 16 backlit LCD allow for simple selection of Bose® loudspeaker configurations and EQ settings. No programming is required.

The Panaray system digital controller II can be configured for mono or stereo operation. A bass mono sum feature is available for situations where stereo mid/high loudspeakers are paired with a single bass loudspeaker. Additional standard presets used in conjunction with Panaray bass loudspeakers let you create bass arrays at the touch of a button.

A special "lockout" feature prevents tampering to maintain initial system settings, and global limiting helps protect against sudden sound level spikes in program material. In the event of a power failure, on board memory allows the controller to return to its last state.

The Panaray system digital controller II features two analog, balanced, differential XLR inputs and four analog, balanced, differential XLR outputs, and has a RS232 connector for future software updates. The unit is engineered and tested for demanding professional environments and backed by a transferable one-year limited warranty.