Bose Panaray LT 3202 Loudspeaker

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Bose Panaray LT 3202 Loudspeaker

The Bose® Panaray® LT 3202® loudspeaker is a mid/high-frequency component of the Panaray LT system. It can be used in either a passive 2-way or bi-amplified configuration. Nominal horizontal beam width is 30 degrees and nominal vertical beam width is 20 degrees.

The Panaray LT 3202 loudspeaker offers the tightest horizontal and vertical dispersions in the Panaray LT loudspeaker line. It also delivers the longest throw of any LT loudspeaker. It allows for more precise targeting, making it well-suited for spaces with challenging reverberation times. It can be used in clusters with other Panaray LT loudspeakers to help deliver a more coherent wave front in a variety of system designs.

Other features:

- High degree of pattern control allows designers and installers to effectively control dispersion for clearer, more intelligible sound.

- When properly arrayed, the unique, tightly focused coverage of each Panaray LT loudspeaker helps minimize the overlap zones often found in conventional arrays. The result is a clearer sound image, and reduced interference throughout the coverage area of the array.

- Proprietary V2 mid-range engine uses 4.5-inch drivers engineered specifically for the demands of engineered sound systems. They deliver smooth response and high reliability.

- Integrated V2 driver heat sink provides for cooler operation and greater reliability and longer product life.

- Newly styled marine-grade Baltic birch wood enclosure provides greater durability and strength. Stainless steel grilles enhance appearance.

- Enclosure and grille available in black. They can be painted to blend into almost any environment.

- Sixteen steel rigging points (4 top, 4 bottom and 4 on each side) allow for convenient rigging.

- Engineered and tested for demanding professional environments. Backed by a transferable five-year limited warranty.